Against abortion? Don't have one.

Yesterday, on our way to R’s parent’s auction, we passed a small’ish group of Christian crazies marching through Collins St to protest against abortion. R and I both glared at them briefly and then went back to our papers. They had laminated matching signs and charming pink balloons. Overall I was under-awed. R wanted a pen to write a slogan on her newspaper to show them out the window of the tram. We refrained but both concurred on the wording: Against abortion? Don’t have one. Hopefully most of those mindless bigots will get increasingly marginalised - whilst many aspects of our society seem to be drifting toward conversativism I think abortion is one of those issues that unites a lot of women on both sides of politics. Now if a few more men (Hi Tony!) - who have zero stake in the issue of a women’s control over her own body - would get the message then we’d be set.

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